Innovative Information and Communication Technology for local government, water companies and agribusiness. Flametree develops, operates and supports Geographic Information Systems, SMS services and web applications that help strengthen citizen participation, partner and customer relations. Read on about our e-County and e-Water products and services.

Flametree e-products

Water companies work hard to give their customers clean water and good sewerage services. Customers demand high

The e-Council products suite is further expanded with new solutions that will help our Local Authorities meeting their

Flametree-GIS Fleet Management

Flametree-GIS Fleet Management’s essential focus is for our customers to maximize value from our products and services. We help clients to monitor their vehicles and fuel consumption by using advanced fleet and resource management technology. This reduces costs incurred when fuel is stolen or mobile asset is misused or stolen. Read more »

eWaterMap, your GIS solution

The first Geographic Information System (GIS) that meets the primary needs of Kenyan water and sanitation companies: customer service and the control and reduction of unaccounted-for-water. eWaterMap provides the right information solution, with modules and reports for the two most important operational areas:
- Efficient network maintenance
- Improved customer service Read more »

Short Message Service (SMS) Customer Care

SMS is the most popular text messaging service in Kenya. Flametree builds SMS solutions that help manage customer care, billing, facilities management and many other business functions. We combine SMS with web and GIS technology. Flametree has developed two County SMS applications and two Water Service Provider applications. Companies benefit by cutting costs on customer service and by faster revenue collection.

Our SMS solutions

County SMS
Custom made SMS system for the County governments. Read more »

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